Below are links to news articles featuring either my research or military experiences. Click on the photos to follow the corresponding article or video link.

Ph.D. Candidate Returns from Training Ukrainians to Finish Dissertation on NATO
The article reads, “Joint Multinational Training Group – Ukraine’s CPT Tad Schnaufer, a Brigade Training Group mentor, listens to a block of Military Decision Making Process class instruction led by one of the senior Ukrainian Observer Controller/Trainer from the International Peacekeeping and Security Center Wednesday, Jan 12, 2022. Both JMTG-U advisors and Ukrainian OCTs formed a mobile training team to offer the class at the headquarters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ 72nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade ahead of their planned training rotation at the IPSC…”
This was an interview I gave before deploying to Ukraine in November of 2021 with 10 Tampa Bay The interview starts around the 22-minute mark.
This article covers my training with allied and partner forces during Tradewinds 2021 in Guyana.
The College of Sciences covers the dual role of Soldier – Scholar that I carried through the COVID19 response activation.
This article covered the presentation of my research findings at the 91st Annual Meeting of the Southern Political Science Association (SPSA) in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Within the conference, I presented the outcomes of NATO burden-sharing on the Alliance Politics Panel.
In November 2019, I presented my paper on Hybrid Warfare and what it could mean for NATO Burden-Sharing at the conference titled NATO at 70, a Strategic Examination of the Past, Present, and Future of the Atlantic Alliance Conference. This video was a quick interview with me about the conference and my research.
During Hurricane Irma, I was activated with the Florida Army National Guard serving as Commander of Bravo Company 1-124 IN. We were directed to the Florida Keys to run the Points of Distribution (PODs), with our most extensive presence in Key West, where I was interviewed briefly by the Weather Channel (starting at 20 seconds in the video).
After nearly a year on orders and serving over nine months in Africa as the Commander of Bravo Company 1-124 IN, our unit was welcomed home from our deployment by some local foundations that hosted a picnic for us.
“Members of the Task Force Hurricane 1-124 Infantry Regiment pose with their trophy after placing first amongst all international participants for the French 5K Tough Mudder at a French military base in Djibouti, November 6, 2016.”