CV / Publications

Outside of Mariupol, Ukraine — Jan 2015

These publications draw on my military experience, time spent abroad (notably at the war front in Ukraine), and academic studies. I have focused my research on hybrid warfare and the dynamics of military alliances. Additionally, the link to my CV is below.

Ongoing Projects

“Revising NATO’s Approach to Burden-Sharing”
“The US Coalition in Afghanistan: Contributions of NATO allies and partner forces”
“The Rise of Non-Linear Warfare: Achieving Political Objectives without War”

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Schnaufer, Tad A. II. “The US-NATO Relationship: The Cost of Maintaining Political Pressure on Allies.” Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, Jan 15 (2021). Online Link:

Schnaufer, Tad A. II. “Redefining Hybrid Warfare: Russia’s Non-linear War against the West.” Journal of Strategic Security 10, no. 1 (2017):17-31. This article made it on a shortlist composed by the US Army’s Combined Arms Research Library for Russia and Hybrid Operations.

Book Chapters

Schnaufer, Tad A. II. “NATO Burden Sharing in the Age of Hybrid Warfare: A Necessary Change in NATO’s Policies and Outlooks.” The Challenge to NATO: Global Security and the Atlantic Alliance, edited by Michael O. Slobodchikoff, G. Doug Davis, and Brandon Stewart, University of Nebraska Press 2021. Chapter 9 at the following link:

Blog Articles

Schnaufer, Tad A., II. “Mariupol: A Quiet Christmas before the Storm.” All the Russias’ Blog, February 4, 2015.

Schnaufer, Tad A. II. “Poland’s Unlikely Ally, an Imperialist Russia.” All the Russias’ Blog, November 24, 2014.

Courses Instructed

INR 4084: Politics of International Terrorism (Online)
INR 4502: International Organizations (In-person)

MSL 2102C: Foundations Tactical Leadership (Army ROTC)
MSL 2101C: Innovation Team Leadership (Army ROTC)

Acting as the Rappel Lead for USF Army ROTC in 2013.
Ph.D. Graduation University of Central Florida December 2022